Filter Type R

Jet-Air Filter type R

Filter type R is an efficient round filter, designed for continuous operation, if dust particles are to be separated for environmental reasons.

Automatic cleaning of the filter bags effected by the efficient cleaning system ensures a stable, low pressure drop. The dust emission can often be reduced to less than 10 mg/m3 air, i.e. far below normal legal requirements.

The filter is of solid steel construction. It is tested and approved as pressure and impact-proof filter. In Germany it is TÜV approved. The filter is therefore able to stand any strain, e.g. high pressure, under extreme conditions.

The bag holders are telescopic. The bags are thus retained in their entire length, resulting in 100% efficient filter area.
In connection with change of the bags, the bag holders are to be attached by means of spring hooks. This makes it easy to take off and put on new filter bags both from the clean air chamber and through the inspection doos.
The filter bags are made of first-class materials, ensuring a high degree of separation, which depends on the particles to be separated.

The cleaning of the bags en ensured by means of an electronic control with adjustable pulse and pause time (cleaning time), determined by the differential pressure over the filter bags. The filter is provided with an extra large pressure tank, ensuring efficient cleaning of the filter bags.

Extra equipment

  • Explosion relief
  • Parted baskets
  • Support for filter
  • Rotary valve for dust
  • Platform for bag change
  • Compressor


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