Cleaning machine

UniSeed cleaning machineThe UniSeed/DuoSeed is a new generation of cleaning machines, aiming at large farms and small industries, requiring a flexible production with a good cleaning result in terms of quality.

The modular screen cleaning machines are available in several versions, which can be provided with a feeding device with or without clipper-de-awner and a presuction unit as required.

A DuoSeed is two UniSeed machines, built together.

Considering the capacity, the machines are space-saving.

In the light of a comparatively high capacity per m2 screen, a good cleaning quality, and an absolutely competitive price, the return on investment is very interesting.

  • Made of galvanized steel
  • Special rubber balls keep the screens clean
  • Few vibrations
  • The screens are firmly fixed during operation
  • Quick screen changing
  • Easy to operate