Skiold will be among the leading players in the international competition

Full focus on synergies and a much closer cooperation between the companies of the group shall empower Skiold to become one of the leading suppliers internationally of technical solutions for grain handling, feed production, and pig production.

Skiold, known internationally for machinery and plants for production of feed and for equipment for pig production, will now improve the competitiveness substantially – on the international arena. 

Three independent production companies with the same Danish owners are as per January 1st linked much closer together under Skiold A/S with main office in Sæby.At the same time, the effort to find synergies and new cooperation opportunities between the group companies is intensified, as is the task of developing new business areas.

 Managing Director of Skiold A/S, Samuel Waldorph says:

 - We now expand with technology for handling of grain as a new primary focus area of the group, as a supplement to the technical solutions for feed production and pig production.

 - At the same time we focus our attention on how to comply with the very different needs and requirements from customers in different parts of the world.

- Our vision is to be international partner for technology and solutions for grain handling, feed production, and pig production.

Samuel Waldorph is now leading the way in the effort to reach a number of new goals for development and growth, to ensure that Skiold also internationally will be the preferred partner for farmers and industries, when they wish to invest in new, operational and reliable production plants.

 -  Our three companies, which will now be linked closely together in the group, are each known for unique technology for farmers and for the industry.

-  We certainly have the competence to be the strong supplier of plants for grain handling, feed factories, and pig housing for industries and farmers around the world.

- But, there is no doubt that increased cooperation and intensified focus on synergies across the companies of the Skiold Group, and joint sales and marketing, will make us far stronger to the benefit of our customers, employees and owners, Samuel Waldorph adds.

Production in Denmark and France
The three companies to be linked closer together are Skiold A/S and Damas A/S and the French company Acemo SAS. The French company has till now made up Skiold France.

Skiold A/S is manufacturer of machinery, equipment and plants for grain handling, feed production, and pig production.

Damas A/S manufactures machinery and plants for handling of grain and seed corn, as well as equipment for conveying and storing of grain.

Acemo SAS manufactures machinery and equipment for feed production and pig production.

Skiold A/S has its main office and production facilities in Sæby, Denmark, and branches in Ikast and Herlufmagle in Denmark. In addition, the company has subsidiaries in Sweeden, Poland, Russia, and Australia.

Damas A/S was up to now owned by Thoraso, which is owned by Henrik Hougaard, who owns 90 percent of Skiold Group.
Skiold Group has a turnover of 75m EURO and has 500 employees. 


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